Real name Tendai.

I am a Zim based rapper under the Uncle Rhymez movement.
I have always had a passion for rap music for as long as I can remember.I love words..i have always been a fiend for em.Hiphop really grew on me like how fruits grow on fruit trees like..i felt like..”Yeah this is me,this is who I am.
The people who really made me want to rap are Tupac,BIG,Jay z,Krs 1,Master Ace,Wu Tang,NWA,Nas,and a whole lot of other peeps..you feel?
It was amazing at first n still is even upto now.
Listening to rap music opened up a new gateway for me.I changed from the quiet skinny shy kid I was, to a more outspoken, I started really rapping in college..ever since then I never looked back.If you want more info..then..hey…walk with me.

lincon the pres aka 5nazh

Lincoln Ngorima Aka Lincoln ThePrezident is a Zimbabwean born Mc /Rapper/Songwriter&Poet raised in the high density surburb of Chitungwiza . The second child in a family of three children.The Prez was born a feen for melodies &rhythm which found him joining the choirs both at school &church .
He met wth Hip hop through his brother an avid listener,fell in love with the level of expression Eminem,Ludacris&Lupe Fiasco were some of his first influences.This triggered an additional element that is lyricism   .
His first local influence was  his older brother Livingstone (AyyDawg) Ngorima who was already immersed in the art he was writing verses at a time he was learning through being his shadow like any little brother. 
Growing into it was drawn to the art of freestyling ,improptu to spontaneously time your thoughts to the beat which is his  power point as a performer
Recorded His first track  in 2012 starting up a chain of events that led to a lot of perfomances, cyphers and the discovery of spoken word through my fellow artist in a coalition by the name “VeKwaSeKe” which comprises of Him Aspaya&Kevin Munetsi.With this collective they managed to  organise a monthly open mic event Dream elavation movement .
Along with Peace in the hoods events,local clubs ,Bocapa shows in 2014 managed to perform at Shoko festival alongside the country’s top tier in the music industry which i consider a marker for me to take things professionally.
Participated in the Next level  tour of Zim which found me collaborating with American counter parts in performances. Consistently releasing music in singles collaborated with Verseless a Zimbabwean born producer on the “Home Ep ” .Headlined at the exclusive Maestro’s food &music .restaurant .Was also featured on the Move Africa Documentary on Hip hop in Africa https://youtu.be/xhyN2gCZOrc
With an array of vocal and literal skill the ChiTown Champion has diversity to his side matching a hard hitting approach to mellow  feels &up tempo  the combination of wild passion and honesty,in short very engaging 
Currently  about to release His debut project “Peasant’s Son” (Zvinebasareyi)